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Request: Photos of Jason Lee.

Hi everyone! My name is Kristina. I'm 22, from California. I just love My name is Earl and Jason Lee. Late last night I stumbled onto this community while looking for LJ icons when I found so many nice photos of here on Jason.

I have a Myspace fan page dedicated to Jason located here. A friend and I made it a couple of months back and a lot of the photos posted on this community I was able to save for the page.

I was wondering if anyone had any nice photos/scans from magazines [or in general] of Jason Lee they could link here? Also I found a couple of LJ icons that I would love to have full size copies of.

Here is an LJ cut with some photos I found. If anyone has the original size of these photos I'd love to have them. Thanks so much!

Also I have a lot of Jason Lee photos on the MS page, so definitely check them out. Feel free to save, link on here or use as icons/wallpaper, etc. I'm hoping when I get more time to finish up screen caps from some of Jason's movies.

Thanks for reading. :)

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